Executive Summary

We are excited to introduce the Kokolato Academy, an online course marketplace that fills a critical need in the culinary education industry. Our platform provides training in nutritional science, plant-based cuisine, and entrepreneurship for chefs and food enthusiasts.
Our unique selling point is the combination of expert-led classes from world-renowned leaders in the hospitality industry, as well as a user-generated content feature which allows students to upload and share their own classes with the community. This creates a diverse and dynamic learning experience for our users.
Our target customers are chefs, food enthusiasts and culinary students who want to learn from the best and stay on the cutting edge of the industry. Our key competition is similar platforms like MasterClass. However, we differentiate ourselves by allowing students to upload their own classes, creating a unique and diverse learning experience.
As a successful startup founder with a deep understanding of the education industry, I am the right person to build this business. With your investment, we will expand our team, invest in marketing and product development, and drive user engagement on the platform. We have the potential to become the leading destination for culinary education and training in the industry.
Last modified 8mo ago