Executive Summary

Our plant-based culinary innovation lab is on a mission to revolutionize the food industry by providing delicious high-end plant-based desserts that are good for you and better for the planet. We solve the problem of limited plant-based options in the dessert market and provide customers with unique and theatrical plating experiences in our parlor and mobile vehicles, making plant-based eating fun and exciting.
In phase 1, we plan to sell our products directly through our dessert parlor, online delivery apps, and B2B partnerships in Thailand. In phase 2, we intend to take our best products to third-party manufacturers to focus on larger-scale distribution. Our target market is health-conscious and eco-conscious consumers who are looking for delicious and sustainable food options. Our main competition is other plant-based dessert companies, but our unique recipes, flavors, and theatrical plating experiences set us apart.
Our team is composed of expert chefs, entrepreneurs, and industry leaders who are passionate about creating innovative and sustainable food solutions. With our experience, expertise, and passion, we are the right team to build this business and bring our delicious, sustainable, and unique food options to more people in Thailand.
Last modified 4mo ago