Current Alternatives
Our main competition in Bangkok is other plant-based dessert companies and restaurants that offer plant-based options on their menu. These include small local businesses, as well as larger chains that have started to incorporate plant-based options into their menu. Our competitors offer a variety of plant-based desserts such as cakes, pastries, ice creams, and other desserts. They sell their products in store, online and through food delivery services. The following is a list of companies in Thailand specializing in plant-based frozen desserts.
Some of our competitors in the plant-based cafe and restaurant space offer a pleasant style and plating experience, but it does not compare to the level of uniqueness, theatrics, and interactivity that we offer. Our competitors also tend to use more traditional and common ingredients in their desserts, whereas we strive to take a more modern approach utilizing unique ingredients to create delicious and high-quality plant-based desserts. Additionally, we also have competition from traditional dessert companies that still hold a significant market share in the industry, but they do not offer plant-based options.
In summary, our main competition is other plant-based dessert companies and restaurants that offer similar products and services in Bangkok. However, our unique and interactive theatrical plating experience, use of the latest in food technology and the best ingredients, and our focus on sustainability and health sets us apart from the competition.