Our financial targets for the first year of operation include reaching $500,000 in annual sales through a combination of membership fees, event ticket sales, and rental income from private events.
In the long term, our goal is to establish The Kokolato Lounge as a premier nightlife destination in Bangkok, with a focus on sustainable and steady growth. We anticipate reaching $2.5 million in annual sales within the next five years through the expansion of our event offerings, an increase in membership base, and the addition of new revenue streams such as F&B sales. Additionally, we plan to explore opportunities for franchising or opening additional locations to further increase our revenue potential.
We have a solid business plan in place and are confident in our ability to achieve these targets through a combination of innovative marketing strategies, exceptional customer service, and a commitment to constantly improving and evolving our event offerings.

Financing Needed

We are seeking an initial investment of $250,000 to cover the costs of renovating and outfitting the 2nd floor of the shophouse, as well as covering initial operating expenses. The funds will also be used to develop a comprehensive marketing campaign to generate awareness and attract new members.
In exchange for the investment, we are offering equity in the company. We are open to discussing different forms of investment, such as convertible debt, a revenue share agreement, or investment through NFTs and Token sales. We believe that this is an exciting opportunity for investors to be part of a unique and innovative business that has the potential for significant growth and returns.